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Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

man sitting on couch talks with therapist about oxycodone addiction treatment Oxycodone addiction doesn’t always look like addiction to the individual struggling with it. You may become dependent on the drug for years, far past its original use, before you—or someone you love—realize you have a problem. It’s important to know that you are not alone in your addiction or your journey toward recovery. At NuLife Behavioral Health Massachusetts, we understand what addiction looks like, and we know how to customize a substance abuse treatment plan to help you get through it and to recovery.

Committing to improving your physical and mental health by ridding your body of drugs will be the best decision you ever make. Doing so in a fully supportive environment staffed by medical and therapeutic professionals who understand what you are going through is the best scenario for success in beating addiction and achieving sobriety. 

What Are the Signs of Oxycodone Abuse?

Drawing a line between using a drug as prescribed and misusing or abusing that drug isn’t always easy. But, there are clear signs to look out for to tell when the drug use has gotten out of control and the individual needs professional rehabilitative help. These signs can help guide you to the decision to seek help from an oxycodone addiction treatment program:

  • More than the prescribed amount of the drug is regularly being taken
  • Duplicate prescriptions from multiple doctors are being utilized in order to get more of the drug than prescribed
  • When the drug is not being taken, severe withdrawal symptoms are experienced
  • The drug is being taken even when it’s not needed for its prescribed use
  • The drug is used just to get high recreationally

Any one of these signs can mean an addiction has set in. Oxycodone addiction treatment can help turn your life around and get you free and clean from prescription drugs. 

What to Expect in Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

What does oxycodone addiction treatment look like? There are several treatment options available to you, and ultimately you choose what works best for your life and your needs. Some may need the flexibility of outpatient programs, while others need to be closely supervised in a residential program. What’s important to note is that whatever treatment path you choose, it will be personalized just for you. As you consider treatment options, ask yourself some important questions:

  • How dependent are you on the drug? If you have more than one of the signs listed above, then you may have a greater need for an inpatient program. 
  • Will your life and family commitments allow you to be away from home for 30 days or so? If not, then you will most likely need to look at flexible outpatient programs.
  • Is your addiction severe, but you cannot leave your responsibilities to be away for a month at a residential facility? Consider an intensive outpatient program. 
  • Do you have a sober support network of family and friends that you can rely on? If not, then an inpatient program may be beneficial so that you have the added layer of support needed to go through a treatment program.

NuLife Behavioral Health Massachusetts offers the following as part of its outpatient programs for oxycodone addiction:

  • 12-step rehab program
  • Men’s addiction treatment
  • Women’s addiction treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Alumni program

Call NuLife Behavioral Health Massachusetts to Learn More About Our Oxycodone Rehab Programs

Find a new path forward at NuLife Behavioral Health Massachusetts. Everyone deserves a life free of addiction. Misuse of opioids like oxycodone is chronic, and addiction is a disease. Let the NuLife Behavioral Health Massachusetts team create a customized plan for you to overcome an opioid addiction safely and successfully.

Our treatment team is standing by to answer questions you may have about outpatient treatment options or help you with a referral to inpatient programs near you. Contact us at 888.568.2057 to get started.