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Alumni Program

woman in an alumni program in massachusetts Addiction and mental health concerns can be lonely and isolating. During recovery, many people find their old friend groups and networks don’t support their new lifestyle. Others might struggle to reconnect with loved ones. Alumni programs can be a long-term support network for those in any phase of recovery. At NuLife Behavioral Health, our addiction and mental health treatment programs provide clients with a long-lasting community through our alumni program. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and mental health, NuLife Behavioral Health can help. Our mental health and addiction treatment programs help clients in Massachusetts and beyond recover from addiction and mood disorders. Call us now at 888.568.2057 or reach out to our team online to learn more about the benefits of NuLife Behavioral Health’s alumni program in Massachusetts. 

What Is An Alumni Program?

Like alumni programs at school, a recovery alumni program brings together people who have completed treatment or are in the middle of treatment at NuLife Behavioral Health. Through our addiction and mental health alumni programs, alumni provide support, advice, and perspective for one another. This form of mutual aid provides clients with:

  • A local community dedicated to sobriety and mutual aid
  • Opportunities to sponsor others through their early recovery
  • Ongoing support and accountability beyond initial treatment
  • Lasting friendships rooted in sobriety and shared experiences
  • A greater understanding of their own addiction or mental health

For many people, it’s hard to build a community after treatment. Many people have a hard time understanding how someone changes, grows, and develops through addiction or mental health treatment. Others who have gone through recovery understand. Shared experience and mutual understanding are the touchstones of a successful alumni program. If you’re worried about isolation after treatment, the alumni program at NuLife Behavioral Health can help. 

Benefits of Our Alumni Program at NuLife Behavioral Health

At NuLife Behavioral Health, we put our clients’ needs at the forefront of treatment. Our alumni program helps people support each other through mental health and addiction recovery. They also help clients meet each other where they are. Benefits include:

  • Accountability partners
  • Sober group events
  • Giving back to the community
  • Long-lasting friendships
  • Higher sobriety success rate and lower risk of relapse
  • Help to manage day-to-day stress and major life events
  • Community connections

With programs serving Massachusetts and beyond, our alumni programs provide the opportunity for clients to connect, build networks, and thrive together for long-term sobriety. At NuLife Behavioral Health, we know our clients are stronger together. Let our alumni programs show you how. 

Find Your Community with Our Alumni Program in Massachusetts Today

If you or someone you love needs support, you’re not alone. Addiction and mental health concerns affect countless individuals, families, and communities across the United States and here in New England. NuLife Behavioral Health is here to help no matter the stage of recovery. Our warm, friendly clinics meet clients where they’re at for adaptable, compassionate treatment for mental health and addiction. With comprehensive therapies, our programs provide a range of outpatient options and referrals for residential and aftercare programs. No matter where you are in your recovery, our alumni network is here to support you.

Call NuLife Behavioral Health Today to Learn More About the Benefits of Our Alumni Programs

Don’t let addiction or mental health issues isolate you from the community. If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of the alumni program at NuLife Behavioral Health, we can’t wait to hear from you. Call us today to learn how our alumni programs can help you and your loved ones thrive. Reach our staff at 888.568.2057 to get started.