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What to Expect During a Partial Hospitalization Program

woman talking with therapist about what to expect during partial hospitalization program

Finding the right rehab program may seem overwhelming. Understanding the different types of programs, costs, and insurance coverage can make it easier to find the right program for you and your loved ones. While many people consider residential or inpatient treatment as the first step in early recovery, many people find partial hospitalization the perfect balance between care and flexibility. A partial hospitalization program provides extensive clinical support while allowing clients to sleep and eat at home.

Ready to learn more about partial hospitalization programs and outpatient recovery in Massachusetts? Call NuLife Behavioral Health today. Our compassionate team helps clients throughout Massachusetts and beyond. With a range of outpatient treatment options for mental health and addiction, we have a plan for you. Call us now at 888.568.2057 to learn more.

What Is Partial Hospitalization?

Also known as PHP, partial hospitalization is the highest tier of outpatient rehab. In PHP, clients spend several hours a day in a rehab facility, returning home at night. Program parameters and requirements are set by the government to ensure that PHP programs provide a high standard of care for those in early recovery.

Benefits of PHPs include:

  • Affordability. Many PHPs cost less than residential programs.
  • Flexible schedule. With limited daily hours, PHPs allow clients to stay in school or work.
  • Duration. PHP programs take less time to complete than other types of rehab with the same level of care.
  • Help residents transition from inpatient rehab. PHPs can help people transition from residential to outpatient care.
  • Maximizing insurance benefits. Insurance may cover more PHP costs than residential rehab costs.

Partial hospitalization programs are often confused with lower-tiered intensive outpatient programs. IOPs require fewer hours than PHPs and are often used for step-down programs or for those transitioning from residential treatment to life back at home.

What to Expect During Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs nation-wide require clients to attend rehab at least 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. They often last three to four weeks and can be used in step-down programs for those in need of long-term care. PHPs often treat both mental illness and addiction through dual diagnosis. Studies show that at least half of people today living with addiction also live with mood disorders like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. Treating mental health and addiction at the same time reduces triggers and lowers the risk of relapse.

A typical day in a PHP includes group therapy, coping strategies, skill-building, and individual therapy. Many also include family therapy for those in need. PHPs usually include weekly evaluations of progress to address addiction triggers, home life, and other stressors affecting recovery. These evaluations can help with relapse prevention planning, aftercare planning, and help therapists and social workers provide expert advice on a client’s next steps after treatment.

PHPs are ideal for those with stable home lives. It is also ideal for those who’ve completed an inpatient program. A PHP program requires more independence than residential programs but does not provide clients with as much free time as IOPs or traditional outpatient care. If you have community support, a steady job, and a supportive home life, PHP may be right for you.

Is Partial Hospitalization in Massachusetts Right for Me?

Knowing your needs and staying accountable are essential to addiction recovery. If you are ready to take strides towards sobriety and mental wellness without leaving home, a PHP may be right for you. Whether you’re struggling with a mood disorder or substance abuse, the team at NuLife Behavioral Health can help. Our PHP program provides holistic care for clients across Massachusetts. We know the best treatment meets clients where they are at with a focus on non-judgemental treatment and support. With IOPs, traditional outpatient care, and a referral program to our partner clinics, trust NuLife Behavioral Health with your recovery.

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