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Is Marijuana Addictive?

people in addiction treatment discuss is marijuana addictive

Like any drug, marijuana is addictive and can easily take over your life. Getting back on track and regaining the life you had before your drug use started takes hard work. Having the support and guidance of an addiction treatment facility like NuLife Behavioral Health will set you up for the best chance at a successful recovery. Choose from flexible outpatient substance abuse treatment programs in our Massachusetts location that can be customized just for you. Get the marijuana addiction treatment you need today by calling our treatment team at 888.568.2057.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

The short answer is yes, marijuana is addictive. Marijuana use is often categorized alongside alcohol or tobacco use when it comes to substances and how dangerous or addictive they are. In fact, research has shown that approximately ½ of the adult population in the United States have tried marijuana. More and more states are legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use, so this number only has the potential to grow.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in the cannabis sativa plant, is what makes marijuana so addictive. Marijuana can be ingested any number of ways, including smoking, vaping, brewing, or eating it. Once addicted, it can be extremely difficult to stop using marijuana. Once the addiction takes hold, getting through the day without the drug can feel overwhelming and impossible to many. You might be wondering what the signs of marijuana use or abuse are in a loved one. Be on the lookout for:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Lack of coordination
  • Giddiness and a clear state of euphoria
  • Snacking on junk foods (commonly called the munchies)
  • The desire to sleep a lot
  • Very secretive behavior
  • Having trouble focusing
  • A loss of interest in well-liked hobbies and activities

Further long-term effects of marijuana use can include damaging lung diseases and psychological conditions.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Why and how someone becomes addicted to marijuana can vary. You could be predisposed to addiction because of a family history, an underlying mental health disorder could make you more likely to become addicted, or your risk of addiction could be greater because you use the drug more often.

There are many different ways to treat an addiction to marijuana. Treatment can include:

  • Experiential therapies
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Behavioral therapies like DBT and CBT
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

Getting treatment for any kind of addiction is the right step for getting your life back on track. With the right treatment, tools, support, sobriety can be your future while you leave your addiction in the past.

NuLife Behavioral Health Offers Addiction Treatment

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that marijuana is the most commonly used addictive drug after tobacco and alcohol. The best approach to marijuana addiction treatment is a personalized treatment plan. At Nulife Behavioral Health, our treatment team works with each person to create a manageable plan that addresses their individual needs. Recovery does not end once you leave our facility. We work to make sure a sober support network is in place so that you have the greatest chance of a successful recovery with all the tools to avoid a relapse.

In addition to marijuana addiction treatment, we also offer:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Meth addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment

For more information on marijuana addiction treatment in Massachusetts, reach out to the NuLife Behavioral Health team today at 888.568.2057. Our treatment team is well-versed in the treatment options available to you or a loved one. If detox or residential treatment is required for more intense levels of addiction, we are happy to refer you to an accredited facility.