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3 Benefits of PHP

a partial hospitalization program or php for addiction treatment helps a man get his life back on track

If your loved one is grappling with substance abuse, mental illness, or a dual diagnosis of both, you’re not alone. Help is available, and many great options exist for care. Consider a partial hospitalization program (PHP) if your loved one requires intensive care but could also benefit from some flexibility. There are many benefits of a PHP, and if one is right for your situation, it can be a huge support to lasting recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about this or other levels of care, reach out to NuLife Recovery Services Massachusetts today. We’re available at 888.568.2057 or via online message, and we look forward to helping you determine the best course of action for optimal health. We offer a range of services for those in substance abuse recovery and adhere to a dual diagnostic model to address the co-occurring mental health concerns many of our clients face.

What Happens in a PHP?

PHPs can be thought of as day programs. They typically require that clients participate in services up to five times weekly for 4-8 hours per day while allowing them to return home or to a sober living facility at night. PHPs usually last a few weeks to a month, although some may be longer. They are considered an intermediate level of care since they offer more intensive treatment than outpatient programs but less than residential programs where clients live onsite.

In PHPs, clients engage in group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and other therapeutic approaches while onsite during the day. Group therapy builds a peer group and fosters accountability. One-on-one counseling often forms the core of recovery. Here, clients work to reframe negative thoughts, address their substance abuse triggers, gain coping skills, and create relapse prevention plans.

Complementary offerings might include nutritional counseling supporting ongoing health, recreation, or mindfulness activities promoting physical recovery or life skills development. Because clients receive a lot of supervision in a PHP, it’s also possible for doctors to provide medication management. This means medical intervention can be very personalized and responsive to any changes in clients’ needs as they happen.

What Are 3 Benefits of a PHP?

If your loved one has already completed a residential program or simply doesn’t need 24/7 supervision, a PHP might be a good option. Having a safe, stable living situation is also key to making a PHP work. That said, here are three concrete benefits of this level of care:

1. It’s Able to Accommodate Other Activities

Returning to a supportive home environment or sober living facility at night can make a world of difference. If clients have children, for instance, this can help keep them connected to their families during recovery. It’s likewise sometimes possible to carry out school or work activities in the evenings following PHP hours—this offsets interruption to education or income that might otherwise occur during treatment.

2. It’s Still Highly Structured

Structure is one of the best preventative measures to take against relapse. While clients can enjoy the independence of home life, their rigorous daytime PHP schedule keeps them focused and accountable. This can be a game-changer, especially in early recovery when new healthy habits are still forming.

3. It Provides Intensive Care

Intensive care and regular mental health and medical check-ins make PHPs a powerful tool. Because of the high level of access to doctors and therapists they provide, clients’ chance of relapse shrinks significantly. Particularly for clients who have just completed a residential program, PHP can also offer a great bridge back into daily life.

Learn More About PHP in Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, or Massachusetts by Contacting NuLife Behavioral Health Today

Still have questions about PHPs and whether this or another option could help your loved one make a lasting recovery? Contact the caring team at NuLife Behavioral Health. We offer PHPs and other services in Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, and Massachusetts and are also happy to make referrals. Reach out by calling 888.568.2057 or completing our confidential online form today.