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10 Benefits of Family Therapy

daughter and parents learn about the benefits of family therapy

Addiction and mental health can affect the whole family. Unfortunately, substance abuse and mental health concerns can greatly impact family relationships. Loved ones struggle to connect and understand one another and can perpetuate triggers through unhealthy family dynamics. A family therapy program can provide loved ones with the support they need to make lasting changes together for better overall health.

If you or someone in your family is struggling with addiction and mental health, the team at NuLife Behavioral Health can help. Our dual diagnosis programs provide comprehensive family counseling for addiction recovery and mental health. Call us now at 888.568.2057 to learn more about the benefits of NuLife Behavioral Health’s family therapy programs and get started today.

What Happens in Family Therapy for Addiction and Mental Health?

As the name implies, family therapy is a type of group therapy for loved ones. Whether working with partners or parents and children, this unique approach helps families reconnect despite hardships. In each session, a certified family therapist balances the needs and emotions of many loved ones at once. Most therapy sessions last 60 to 90 minutes. Many family therapists will use cognitive-behavioral therapy to help families understand and change family dynamics for healthier communication. This evidence-based behavioral therapy can help people recognize and change harmful belief systems and behaviors.

The goal of family therapy is to help the family as a system Typically, it educates loved ones on mental health care, addiction triggers, and trauma resolution. During outpatient recovery, these sessions might happen weekly or several days a week. Over time, as families improve communication and overall health, sessions occur less frequently. A therapist helps families move towards self-sufficiency and stability through role-playing and homework exercises to practice between sessions.

Benefits of Family Therapy Support During Addiction Recovery

Family therapy provides education and tools to help loved ones manage addiction and mental health. Today at least half of people struggling with addiction also struggle with mental health. Undiagnosed co-occurring disorders can strain family relationships and often lead to substance abuse. They can also make it harder for family members to provide adequate support. Family therapy provides every family member with tools for managing mental health and reducing substance abuse at home.

A few of the biggest benefits of family therapy for addiction recovery include:

  1. Improved communication
  2. Ability to recognize and change toxic behaviors
  3. Active listening
  4. Relapse prevention techniques
  5. An affordable approach to psychiatric care
  6. Adaptable treatment plans
  7. Tools for stress and anxiety management
  8. Increased empathy
  9. Increased stress tolerance and lower general stress levels
  10. Reduce trauma triggers and future trauma

Family therapy can offer everyone the support they need to thrive together. Working with a therapist can help every family member feel seen and heard. This can decrease resentment, improve empathy, and help loved ones move past substance abuse in healthy ways.

Help Your Family Thrive with Family Counseling

The non-judgmental support of a trained therapist can help any family understand their dynamics and make lasting changes for everyone’s well-being. If your family is ready to see the difference with family counseling, NuLife Behavioral Health can help. Our warm, friendly therapists meet clients where they’re at for adaptable, compassionate treatment. We know that addiction and substance abuse are directly influenced by stress, mental health, and unresolved trauma. That’s why our treatment programs help clients develop the tools they need to manage mental health and addiction. Our flexible programs provide outpatient care and residential treatment referrals to help the local community thrive today.

Call NuLife Behavioral Health Today to Get Started with Family Therapy

Call us today to learn more about the benefits of family therapy for addiction recovery. Reach out to us now at 888.568.2057 to learn more about our program options.